21 April 2015

Final collection countdown!!!


It's been a while and I'm still mega busy, but I know some people will be interested about the run up to my final collection!! I will not have time to post on here for the next few weeks, however if you're interested in seeing my stuff I have a separate Instagram and Facebook page! 

Please come and give me a follow! 

And just to tempt you in, here are a few cheeky snaps...

Lace top - designer: Victoria Hill

Pony skin tote bag - designer: Victoria Hill
Omega Platinum Bag - designer: Victoria Hill
Model: Ella Storey Jackson. Hair: Connie Hughes. Makeup: Lauriel Berkely 

Behind the scenes - Photographer: Chris Hill. Hair: Connie Hughes. Makeup: Lauriel Berkely. Model: Ella Storey Jackson
Behind the scenes (location - Castlefield) a Photographer: Chris Hill. Hair: Connie Hughes. Makeup: Lauriel Berkely. Model: Ella Storey Jackson

I hope this has tempted you enough to come and have a look! I will be back around the middle of May to pick up where I left off! I should have an official website in the next couple of weeks so I shall post the link for that on here also!

Peace and love xxx

21 February 2015

Blog Abandonment!!

Hey y'all!!

I must apologise for my blog abandonment the past few months!! I am in my final year of university studying Fashion Design and Technology and I have ZERO time to sleep never mind keep up with my blog!!!

I shall be returning soon once my deadlines are in and I can relax and breathe!!

I will have lots to show you all too as I've been a very busy bee!

Hope you are all keeping well...

Peace & Love xx